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Feeling ok

Some are going along mindlessly dealing with each day and the events of our lives. The moment’s somehow blending together water colors on our soul. A lifetime.. Some say life is short but in all honesty it’s the longest amount of time we’ll ever spend doing anything. Growing up – growing old – not always in that order. Lessons outline our characters they give us the basis for what we will become or maybe they are a guideline for what we’d not like to be.
Lost in the hopes of the world sometimes instead of listening to our inner voice. Do we all have the little voice that offers some refuge? It’s a thought. Though it’s sad that sometimes we judge and jury our own cases far more harshly than we should.
A mountain out of a mole hill.. this saying boggles my brain. It’s each individual that can determine the severity of any issue concerning them. Who is anyone to judge the feelings of another? Who is anyone really to judge aside from the law we are here to find ourselves. If we are luc…

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