Friday, August 28, 2009

My Son

Open arms
hugs and kisses
Mommy, I missed yous
expressions that ease my bad day
skinned knees
bed time stories
the transformation just beginning
learning and teaching
as a parent and hopefully a friend
holding on; letting go
never knowing the right time for either
remembering your baby
though he's becoming a man
no more open arms
hugs and kisses scarce
all that he is becoming
all that he will be
happy moments
moments of disdain
good or bad
my love for you my son
never waivers
you're on a crossing over
you are no longer a little boy
only you know your destination
keep me with you

My Lover

Morning light slips through
small cracks in the blinds
a new day is waiting
Im snuggled warm and safe
Inside your arms
We spent the night
Melting into
a shape of our love
I embrace you tightly
never wanting to let go
one look into your eyes
I see a life
A life ceaselessly
belonging to us two
All that we are intensifies
My heart over flowing with passion
this day is ours
with many more to follow
we began a story line
chapter after chapter
we create
the book of us
through our path
we'll face struggle
all cant be splendor
every second worth
another day
loving you

Thursday, August 27, 2009


A beautiful smile
A pretty picture
Outside looking in
An onlooker may never see
The hidden emotions
The intensity
Expression is individualistic
Suppression they say is unhealthy
But they are seldom right
Nor am I for that matter
Give and take a delicate situation
Uninhibited joy
Wash it down with a drink
Drown out the screams
A pictured random day
Why keep a reminder
Flipping through
The album in my mind
The few empty pages say more
A chaotic past
The haze of the present
Pictures of my life


it's too much
or its not enough
things you'd care not to know
soak it in
bathe in anger
remorse lathers well
learn to forget
beg to know
what's in between
we are weak
maybe just me
forgetting is hard to remember
I want to kiss your lips

Monday, August 3, 2009

It's clear

I'm searching lately and Im not sure why. I feel like Im chasing my tail in hopes of finding what I need. If you dont know what that is how do you find it? I had this illusion. I followed the path I thought to be golden and Im standing here mouth open wondering what result I was hoping for. Was this it? I feel a stranger to myself. I've lost the part of me that I loved.

trapped inside this stranger
amazed by the lack of familiarity
the reflection of what was me
my eyes not recognizable
a thumb over my free will
struggles produce more haze
fiery words burn my ears
a heart disengaged
dancing around the inevitable
waiting for the fall
locked in a secret room
where the light is always dim
I reach out for you
lend me your strength
help guide me
bring me back to myself
you stare ahead
pretending you never heard my calls


What does it all mean She doesn't really know It's just where her mind went When she wound it up and let it go This could be the...

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