Monday, August 3, 2009

It's clear

I'm searching lately and Im not sure why. I feel like Im chasing my tail in hopes of finding what I need. If you dont know what that is how do you find it? I had this illusion. I followed the path I thought to be golden and Im standing here mouth open wondering what result I was hoping for. Was this it? I feel a stranger to myself. I've lost the part of me that I loved.

trapped inside this stranger
amazed by the lack of familiarity
the reflection of what was me
my eyes not recognizable
a thumb over my free will
struggles produce more haze
fiery words burn my ears
a heart disengaged
dancing around the inevitable
waiting for the fall
locked in a secret room
where the light is always dim
I reach out for you
lend me your strength
help guide me
bring me back to myself
you stare ahead
pretending you never heard my calls

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