Tuesday, September 15, 2009

miserable Peeps

I’ve never quite understood people and their never ending need to play games. It’s too much to be honest. Don’t plan on being a caring person b/c some one will come along notice how nice you are and take advantage as best as they can… You can go along in a happy contented state of mind and some scavenger is waiting to consume everything you’ve put into your very being. Does it make them feel powerful or better yet invincible – why would you want to set out on a mission to sever a person’s heart? Heart is all some of us are and without that where is love or hope. Only a weak person could find satisfaction in such a feat. I find disgust in just the very thought of causing pain to an individual no matter how they have treated me. Being happy…. Is mostly a state of mind with a hint of letting go. So today, I’m letting go. Anyone who has gone out of their way to cause me torment… I want to thank you for causing me to reflect.


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