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Valentines Day

braid the lies
see how they blend
how quickly deceit becomes
the rope around my neck
constricting and binding me
cloudy days darken
an unusually active mind
a tornado in my brain
swirls of dark and light
passing figures
vivid day dreams
lightning and thunder
as I try to reach out
theres a calm in every storm
a surreal moment of truth
all the hidden fears surmount
filling like a teary eye
the stinging sensation of truth
falling from an empty place
a hollowed once filled space
every drop of truth spilling
Im cleansed in your dirty fabrications


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you & I

finely lined
etched writing on stone
this parody
you play the only role
take my hand
you'll never hold my heart
I see past you
here I am
Playing along
time and time again
this gimmick
you should change things up
hold my hand
please tell me more lies
biding my time
carrying out the pantomime


the days run together
paint dripping in the wind
dismal colors
it's night again
over and over
I know it will never end
I'm not where i belong
no road feels right
the sun never touches my face
you are gone
fast forward; rewind
things look dissimilar
standing this far away
always waiting
looking at your life
I know what you meant
this doesn't feel like home
wash me away
Drown it out
I can’t hear what you say
Caught up in the sound
Live again
Revisit the lost and found
Here we are; where we’ve always been
Beyond the glass I don’t care what you say
Envelope my mind
Pull me in Don’t let me press rewind
Time I don’t want to slip way
Now that I found you I just want you to stay