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being mad

Dive into the depths of a moment
Daggers thrown
Sharpened words
Poisoned speech
Puddles of loveless emotions
I’m dancing in fear
To go on; to let go
A tug of war game
Eaten alive by venomous bullshit
Hiding my thoughts
Telling you I am sorry
In all honesty I guess I was blind
Trapped in some wonderland of fake joy
Thinking things were fine
Until anger gives you the freedom of speech


The holidays…

I have been doing a lot of listening this year . Many people talking about the economy and how Christmas is going to be just horrible because there isn’t enough money. Some people have lost their jobs, their homes and practically everything they have other than each other. There are people who have lost everything and have no family at all. They are stuck with no place to go and no one to fall back on. Long before cable and ipods – there were porches and conversations and family dinners together. There used to be a sense of togetherness. What happened to all of the little things that made a family? When did this season become so commercial? When did happiness become so expensive? I just wish we’d all look around and see the real things we should be thankful for. Be grateful for the little things… sometimes they are bigger than you’d imagine. Hug the people you love and be delighted for your time with them. Instead of worrying about the expensive gift you need to buy try giving fr…

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