Friday, April 15, 2011


The flicker from candle light
Shadows across my face
In the darkness emotions are easily veiled
Light reflects my tears
I cry for you; I cry for me
The words spoken
The deed carried out
My thoughts of you
What was and what will never be
My demonic fairytale
The faint sound of “I love you”
Sends a shiver down my spine
the resonance surrounds me
my own words echoing
you were always taciturn
my mind filled in the blanks
your anger allowed for truth
your rage the dagger that slit my throat

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For you

For you I’d be
Everything you’d want from me
But we both know
You’d still just let me go
You capture my heart
Yet you manipulate me from the start

What’s one more day with out you
It’s gone on longer than I’d want it to
I believed in the picturesque lies you said
Your love only lives within my head

To have one day
Your feelings wouldn’t stray
But it’s very clear
There are myriad you hold dear
You changed my life
Even claimed one day I’d be your wife

And it’s hard for me to understand
I thought you were an amazing man
Everything I believed I knew
Flies away with my nomadic thoughts of you


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