Friday, July 15, 2011


Screaming from my inner self
A voice I’ve never heard
It takes control, grabs a hold
I’m consumed by every word
When did it begin?
Who was there?
I soak in this complete emptiness
I’ve nothing left to bear.
I’ve analyzed my very being
Searched within my soul
Crossed a path of desolation
It’s more than faith you stole
I’m left with all the questions
I’m trapped inside a vacant shell
As you stripped me of all contentment
Despondency opens the gates to my own personal hell

A Flower

A flower before the bloom
Quietly collects the morning dew
Sits unexposed and to itself
Sealed in its solitude
The beauty that is within
Revealed as the petals spread
Each passing day
While you await
The magnificence of its tenderness
Slowly exposing the beauty you’d expect
Beginning to recreate
Begging and pleading for admiration
A pleasant voice a soft touch
Knowing that every change is a risk
Opening up to let you see
The delicate side
The most passionate place
Everything you behold
All that you will now know
Each petal holds a unique memory
Change is inevitable
And petals will fall
Capture each moment
Each wonderful piece
They are a part of you
Just as they are a part of me

heaven & hell

All of heaven and Hell unified today
A painfully beautiful display
Gold and blue hues reflect from your eyes
The air so heavy in my lungs
Your skin is hot to the touch
Its taste bittersweet
Melting into misery
I drift meaninglessly
Afloat this polluted maritime
My ores dripping with your cunning undertone
I’m barley living this life
Torn between fact and fiction
Irrational and deluded
Surround by a violent squall
You offer no refuge
Your presence anonymity
Black and white visions
Downpour over my flesh
I struggle to regain my ground
The skies open unexpectedly
With vast clemency
To extract my torment
And show a passageway
A world far away from you


I lose myself to silence
Watching life go by
Memories like framed pictures
Haphazardly arranged inside my mind
I look at everyone’s smile
I can imagine the sound of laughter
We are all happy
For a freeze framed moment
A perfect instant


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