Friday, April 13, 2012

What I Feel

How I felt; what I feel
All the possibilities
Now dispense a constant poison
Gnawing from my inside out
What I’ve been; who I am
Ghosts I couldn’t ensnare
I can’t move on; I can’t stand still
Lost in self made wretchedness
Obsessed with lingering turmoil
A blunderers circle
I’ve long since been entrapped
There is no center
No gray
Just black and white
Shadows of the evils
Circle to consume
Any thought of light
A thick veil that suffocates
The part of me that once was good

Friday, April 6, 2012


Lost in time
Somewhat preoccupied
The hands had vanished from the clock
Laughter and smiles
Butterflies on my soul
Your laughter on my mind
I miss the feel of your skin
Reality gone astray
A light now extinguished
Another sealed envelope
With words never to be read
Bittersweet the new veracity
Tangled lives living on


What does it all mean She doesn't really know It's just where her mind went When she wound it up and let it go This could be the...

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