Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Perfect One

I hold on to the sentiment
Each moment gradually constructing
 Lucid day dreams of us
All that will forever be
I take extreme delight in the thought
 You inhabit my heart
A continuous blissful enchantment
Your love paints my soul
Watchfully clings to my spirit
Your smile etched in my secret places
 Im drenched in your love
 I feel a sense of completeness
 An absolute lack of uncertainty
In you I see an image
So much like myself
Divine adoration
Selfless love
Give and take easily balanced
Our steps fall into time
We combine phenomenally
A Perfect One


it has taken time
the courage surmounting
 im finally ready to admit
my life needs a change
 I close my eyes
 make this silent promise
 an oath to myself
 hope - love - happiness
three treasures I now embrace
reminders of what was
 now securely contained
along with my thoughts of you
my heart and soul anew
no longer forcing the hand of fate
Im prepared to face reality
 ultimately accepting
its time I said good-bye to you

Looking in

complications blocking the sun
 Im Paled in sadness
 helpless in this devastation
chains that bind me
clattering happiness at each of my sides
 no smile upon my lips
 the sound of a voice so unique
rings a melody in my mind
 melts the ice from my spirit
calms the beast in my own world of anger
 a surreal recognition
you free me from this sadness
time and time again
though you open this door
you will never let me in


The lights slowly faded Time doesn't stop Nothing like being persuaded I just can't watch the clock Everything measured and ...

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