Sunday, December 23, 2012

For Some Time

Butterflies wont let me be
I cannot deny
I spend entirely too much time
In daydreams of you and I 
At times I feel I could float away
Some moments I'd like to cry 
With patience I take one more step
Exposing the secret place in my heart you occupy
A touch or a kiss; just looking into your eyes
I transform into this nervous silly little girl
Every word I've ever known escapes my mind
You send my world on a whirl
Fear clouds my heart at times
I become unsure of what to do
My past, all my mistakes
I cannot fathom thoughts of hurting you
If I stand still and never take a chance
The many memories I may never know
All I can do is fill my heart with the hope
That we will start here and continue to grow.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A splash of color
Breaking through
A monotonous gray
Each step creating
Distance from my soul
Mundane are the moments
Reality Shadows my world
Losing me in its horrid validity
I plead for a sign
I cannot shake this pain
The balance of
The hand of fate
So much that you give
Yet so much that you take away
An over exceeding urgency
To obsess over what I cannot control
An Enigmatic desire
For  the unattainable
A forever marred heart
Open mind extended
Dreaming that at the end of this tunnel
I will understand the light 


What does it all mean She doesn't really know It's just where her mind went When she wound it up and let it go This could be the...

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