Sunday, December 23, 2012

For Some Time

Butterflies wont let me be
I cannot deny
I spend entirely too much time
In daydreams of you and I 
At times I feel I could float away
Some moments I'd like to cry 
With patience I take one more step
Exposing the secret place in my heart you occupy
A touch or a kiss; just looking into your eyes
I transform into this nervous silly little girl
Every word I've ever known escapes my mind
You send my world on a whirl
Fear clouds my heart at times
I become unsure of what to do
My past, all my mistakes
I cannot fathom thoughts of hurting you
If I stand still and never take a chance
The many memories I may never know
All I can do is fill my heart with the hope
That we will start here and continue to grow.


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