Monday, July 22, 2013

A Pebble Thrown

Greedy little fingers
Stuck on the prize
Casting judging scowls
Where is your crown?
Perfection way beyond
Your clutch
Though you’re a self-appointed maven
I’ll not bow down
Equality on my mind
Love envelopes my heart
A light that leads the way
To strength through compassion
Suffering will not come from my words or actions
This monster that consumes adoration
Leaves you weak
Enclosed in angst
Turns light to dark
Clouds the mind
A voice that chants
“be like the majority”
Be the anger that haunts the street
Causing racism and death
A world that needs not an enemy
Because we defeat ourselves

Friday, July 19, 2013


I feel you with me
A silent moment
A random starlit instant
Searching for veracity
Tangled in this manic mind
Reaching for your hands
You’re unattainable
No measure of time exists
My spirit doesn’t know
Intricate lessons of
Giving but letting go
A string of hope
Glowing all on its own
Balancing desire and faith
Reality has its own channel
It plays a song
Do the beats match
The rhythm of my heart

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thoughts circle within my mind
A tidal wave of emotions that flood my soul.
All the imperfections that make me individualistic
Contribute to what I am able to bestow.
Looking inside my eyes to the very essence
Before turning my visions outward
Allow my mind to fully examine each fiber of idea
Each ray of what now becomes the truth
A once broken heart is beating magnificently
Under its damaged exterior
And all of what seemed fruitless
Now jovially dances about.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


I cannot look at you
Watch this poison consume you
Smile and nod
I know it’s all a lie
Do you feel sadness
Can you even experience an emotion
This thick rope hanging you
You’re a little closer each day
Do you see yourself
I wish you could see from my eyes
The pain I feel as I watch this clogged drain
The scum rising to the surface
You wade through smiling each day
This sadistic circle
Who have you become
I am not sure you really know
So many different versions
Of who you were before
Wash your face
I cant stand to see you this way
Is there a person inside
Clawing this disgusting empty soul
Sometimes I wonder
If you really know who Im calling
Whenever I say your name.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Something New

Days continue
The sun continues to rise and set
I never paid the topic much mind
To hear your voice
To see your face
I can watch your life from a distance
An occasional twinge
I suppose I’d care not to admit
To feel your warmth
Look into your eyes
For a second it all seems real
You feel a connection
As the emotions show  
Your color changes
And grey becomes
The only reality you allow me to know
Hide away
I cannot beg to be let in
Standing in front of your face asking
Why won’t this end
You’ll tell me again and again
Some things just don’t completely disappear
My mind conjectures
All the reasons why


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