Monday, January 27, 2014


There is a light ahead
I feel its warmth
Reaching out my arms
To something I’m almost afraid to touch
Ordinarily I’d be running away
My mind would remain blank
But here in this moment I’m completely engrossed
My faith won’t let me turn away
The feeling of your skin on my skin
A million thoughts fly through my mind
I can never find one word; one perfect word
Struggling to conceal my over active emotions
Your smile gives me hope
In silence I know my heart is breaking
A constant battle betwixt the two
The balance in my head and heart
I find myself questioning my reasoning
How do I hide yet offer more of myself to you
On this flight to your heart
Is there a word
A phrase
One possible action
A key word
I’m almost out of ideas
Though every day I start anew

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