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questions that keep me awake at night

Is there just one moment you wish you could freeze frame on?
 A time that you felt so completely free you could die.
 Do you think peace comes with death?
Do you think death is forever?
 Is there a moment you see the future. Can there be a multitude of times?
A roller coaster of events that summarize your life.
Is love real?
Is real love a one time gig?
How do you let it all go and just be free?
I miss me

Because there is no other way

Here I am
 can you hear my voice
 I wish you
Could listen
 to my mind
 a slapdash of thoughts
 sent to you unfiltered
wrap your lips
around my words
 the taste of poisoned flesh
memories a stabbing knife
steadily slicing away at my life
 a moment so real
you'll never see it end
 frozen emotions
preserved but not protected
Dragging this dismal soulless
Mess of a woman
 touch my lips
 to your face
 you'll never know
reach inside this heartless void
 the ice underneath my nails
Clawing and scratching the surface
I want to see your face
Enfold my mind in delight
 take me to a place
I'll never be again

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