Tuesday, June 24, 2014

questions that keep me awake at night

Is there just one moment you wish you could freeze frame on?
 A time that you felt so completely free you could die.
 Do you think peace comes with death?
Do you think death is forever?
 Is there a moment you see the future. Can there be a multitude of times?
A roller coaster of events that summarize your life.
Is love real?
Is real love a one time gig?
How do you let it all go and just be free?
I miss me


Billy said...

I suppose you could say peace comes with death in the sense that there's no sight in the dark. Forever is a long time, and I don't think anything lasts that long. String theory suggests multiple dimensions where all times exist. Define real. Love is tangible and quantifiable, but that reality only exists within the complex network of chemicals and electricity contained within our brain. Based on that thinking "real love" should certainly not be a one time gig. Change the things that you can and accept those that you cannot and then you will be free.

Joplin Taylor said...

Peace with myself is a little more complex than what I can or cannot change.

Billy said...

if you say so =). I have a habit of making things more complex than they really are.