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A Heart to Heart

Our time is ticking
Seconds counting down
A faceless clock
Reflections of you
Sweet words slightly muffled
My shadow crowded by this haze
Opening up to a person
I never knew I could be
I smell you on my skin
Balance walks its fine line
Blending into each moment
Your heart beats to mine
Soul to soul
Two lovers kiss
Dynamic contrast
Dark to light
An unlocked door
Unexplainable fervor
Spiritually connected
explore to the depths of my being
I know my life is there
right behind your eyes


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wash me away
Drown it out
I can’t hear what you say
Caught up in the sound
Live again
Revisit the lost and found
Here we are; where we’ve always been
Beyond the glass I don’t care what you say
Envelope my mind
Pull me in Don’t let me press rewind
Time I don’t want to slip way
Now that I found you I just want you to stay
You painted a pretty picture
wrote your words in erasable ink
told a delightful story
making promises you couldn't keep
such beautiful lies
the perfect tears you cried
they weren't even your own
borrowed from someone else's sorrow
you're not unique
spill your velvet words
they left splinters in my soul
who did I become
chasing your dream
tell me you're sorry
like I've never heard the words
wind me up and let me loose
I could never love you